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Our brands’ signify the craftmanship and detail in our bespoke work, we only work with the best.  Over the years we have built up our portfolio to include some of the top interior design suppliers and companies. Each specialising in a unique style which allows us to cater for all, from Art deco to Embroidered silks, we have.... More

The Brands We Love

Gemma Packham Interiors | 11/11/2019 14:04:00

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As you can imagine our shop and showroom are now closed, and we are unable to offer home visits as we take into consideration the safety of our staff and customers. We are working from home to complete as much work as possible, so if you would like to discuss an ongoing order.... More


Gemma Packham Interiors | 24/06/2019 20:39:00

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All the stuff in the World that makes life wonderful is made by people who are willing to walk that extra mile to give you an extraordinary experience. In Danish we have a word for that very thing. The word is UMAGE. If you make yourself UMAGE it means that you have done something.... More


Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 16:04:07

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With its name taken from the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest, the Zapara wallpaper collection from Harlequin is inspired by the lush tropical landscapes surrounding the Ecuadorian and Peruvian boarders. With botanical prints and vibrant colours, this stunning collection of 29 wallcoverings is the perfect way to bring an air of the.... More

Zapara Wallpapers

Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 15:51:00

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Intricately and hand-drawn jungle scenes are brought to life with the use of bold fashion colours and metallic highlights. This lively range of non-woven wallpaper is available in 8 striking designs, depicting dramatic colours and emphasising the intensity of the jungle. These can be used in conjunction with.... More

Emma J Shipley from Clarke and Clarke

Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 15:36:41

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Heaton has a beautiful soft feel with a delicate linen texture adding an extra dimension.   Inherently flame retardant and available in a palette of 26 desirable shades. Ideal for both residential and contract use. New Heaton Azure .... More

Heaton by Clarke and Clarke

Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 15:30:35

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Sumptuous silk effect velvet in 46 shades to suit any mood.  Deep, bold colours bring flair and glamour to this dual-purpose collection.  For drama choose jade and citron, or favour gentle dove and linen tones for a relaxed, yet luxurious statement.  A practical velvet, with a unique style. New .... More

Martello by Clarke & Clarke

Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 15:21:42

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Dramatic yet subtle, midnight and charcoal shades merge with intense spice and chartreuse for a versatile look.  Featuring five tactile chenille weaves, simple waves offset contemporary chevrons and chic distressed textures in this multi-purpose collection. New Levante Charcoal F1320/01Fabric New .... More

Avalon by Clarke and Clarke

Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 15:15:30

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Lustrous with iridescent colours, this collection has a contemporary moire pattern which enlivens both drapery and upholstery. A mix of linen, viscose and nylon yarns create a rich soft drape for a stunning effect in either domestic or contract settings. Fiji Antique F0978/01Fabric Fiji Birch F0978/02Fabric Fiji Charcoal F0978/03Fabric Fiji Chartreuse F0978/04Fabric Fiji Chestnut

Fiji By Clarke & Clarke

Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 11:03:48

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We hold an extensive range of fabrics and wallcoverings in the showroom, offering a vast array of styles and colours to suit any home. Our team will be able to point you in the right direction and can offer the design service to help you achieve the look you want. We offer a free.... More


Gemma Packham Interiors | 09/02/2019 10:47:59

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Samuel & Sons has long been a coveted source for the finest quality trimmings such as tassels, borders, braids, gimp, fringes and more. Interior designers and architects around the world have come to rely on the quality and selection available in stock. Innovation, variety and availability have long been the keys to Samuel & Sons' success..... More

Samuel & Sons

Gemma Packham Interiors | 06/02/2019 11:24:00

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Troynorth specialises in the supply of top quality trimmings, tassels, tie-backs and accessories to the interior design and decoration trade. The product portfolio has grown and evolved to cover all aspects of trimmings. Troynorth can offer a bespoke service for any special project that you may have. This can include the supply of existing items in specific.... More


Gemma Packham Interiors | 06/02/2019 11:19:34

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More information coming soon Please contact our store on 01539 728887 or email for more information


Gemma Packham Interiors | 06/02/2019 11:13:03

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More information coming soon Please contact our store on 01539 728887 or email for more information

The Bradley Collection

Gemma Packham Interiors | 06/02/2019 11:09:02

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Byron and Byron was formed 1984 to supply a variety of hand crafted and traditionally finished accessories for the rapidly growing interior design sector of 1980′s Britain. The company was the brainchild of twenty something Italian Orazio Gualtieri. This decade of energy and opportunity provided the perfect environment for a young entrepreneur to marry his knowledge.... More

Byron & Byron

Gemma Packham Interiors | 06/02/2019 11:05:20

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